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Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe

Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe

    • Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe
    • Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe
    • Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe
  • Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe

    Detail produk:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Nama merek: FLAME
    Sertifikasi: ISO9001:2000
    Model Number: 4 Roll Calender Machine

    Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Harga: USD 800,000~900,000/set
    Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
    Delivery Time: 150 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 2 sets/150 days
    Hubungi sekarang
    Detil Deskripsi produk
    total production: approximately 1-1.4t/h total power: 165KW
    compressed air consumption: about 0.5-0.7m3/min. (0.4-0.6MPa the amount of cooling water: 1.5T/H
    Cahaya Tinggi:

    calendering equipment


    4 roll calender machine


    Device Name




    Hot carrier gas furnace

    CGL YQL(W)-1500(125)Y



    PVC automatic metering system




    Mixer unit




    Transition silo system




    Planetary and extruder unit




    swing conveyor




    four roller Γ calender

    SY610-4Γ  1830



    Plastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal PipePlastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal PipePlastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal PipePlastic Floor 4 Roll Calender Machine Durable With Swivel Joint And Soft Metal Pipe



    Four Roll Calender is Mainly used in calender line for manufacturing soft PVC products such as banner,.

    clothes packing bag,wrapping film,plastic floor,PVC leatheroid,etc.



    Main character

    SY610-4Γ1830 type four roller calender and auxiliary equipment

    A.   Calender (host machine)

    1.    Calender: feed material from top and make final production from bottom, roller diameter Ф610 mm, roller surface width 1830mm, the surrounding drilling and oil heating, line speed of the calender 5-50m/min. The piece coming out from the roller of the calender has display apparatus gap of rollers distance. Right driving.



    2.    1# and 2# rolls are cold-cast alloy roller and surrounding drilling, surface hardness HS68-74 ° C, the rollers’ surface hard chromium plating fine grinding, coating thickness 0.1mm, the rollers surface roughness Ra = 0.05μ, surface comprehensive precision 0.01mm;

    Material of 3# and 4# rollers is alloy forging flaw detection processing, the rolls’ surface hard chrome plating, coating thickness 0.18mm, hardness> HRC60 ° roll, surface roughness Ra = 0.01μ, surface comprehensive precision 0.05mm, roll surface temperature no less than 230 ° C, the roll surface temperature error ± 1 ° C;

    1-4# rollers surface had no middle height, 1-4 # rollers all surrounding drilling, roller surface chromium plating without pinhole, the roller polished and process degassing after fine grinding.

    3# and 4# rollers hard chrome plating after hot mill processing.



    3.    Bearing use the Wafangdian production taper bearing, bearing pedestal use ductile iron.


    Transmission and power

    4.    Drive power of 1# roller and 4# roller of Calender: 55KW (in this calender main and auxiliary equipment use AC motor), and the remaining 2# and 3# roll: 75KW power. Main and auxiliary can tune speed by linkage and also division. (Calender is equipped with blackout emergency opening device, UPS devices purchased by buyer). The motor of calender adopts AC motor speed regulation, Siemens Beide motor, Japan Yaskawa governor, other electricals adopt Shanghai Schneider.

    Controllable pitch

    Controllable pitch device: setted at 1, 2, and 4# roller. The 3 # roller is fixed roller.


    Axis crosses

    5.    calender 3# roller mounted shaft cross-device, cross regulation 20mm, adjust the speed 3mm/min, driving drive: at each end with a three-phase brake motor of planetary reducer of, worm gear, use adjusting spindle to control crossover amount, universal ball joint head between the spindle and the bearing pedestal, on the other side use the universal ball joint head and hydraulic cylinder to connect, the hydraulic cylinder is used to locate and eliminate transmission parts clearance.



    6.    4# roller has pre-load device, installed in the outside of the main bearing of 4# roller, positive bending, embody bending by hydraulic cylinder, the bending amount is adjustable, embodied by adjusting a hydraulic pressure, the maximum bending amount is equivalent to the roll height 0.05mm.



    7.    The calender rack uses 40mm steel plate welded after heat treatment and then finishing, the roller face and rack wall open file 15 cm according to bearing, stainless steel rack. Distance between the stripping roller and 4# rollers is 5mm.



    8.    roller bearings lubricated with thin oil forced circulation lubrication device for roller bearings and bending bearing lubrication, automatic cycle, dual-pump system (one pump for work and one pump for spare), pressure-protection, every road flow shows, lubricants automatic temperature control (automatic heating and cooling), oil temperature overheating protection ,work and spare pump can switch when working. Bearing lubrication is as same as Ф660 × 2300.


    Hydraulic pressure

    9.    hydraulic pressure: a separate set of hydraulic station for roll bending, axis cross and embossing devices, adopts variable oil pump two sets(one for work and one for spare, can be switched each other while working). Roller bending and embossed by hydraulic pressure, which can manually adjustable, and with pressure display, hydraulic station standard configuration.



    10.    calender heating system four sets, each roller needs one set, oil heating oil pump motor power 5.5KW; when oil heating, each roller is equipped with two sets of proportional valve smart to control oil temperature, the maximum heating temperature 230 ° C, accuracy ± 1 ℃. With water cooling apparatus.


    Striker plate

    11.    device: 1# and 2# roller set striker plate device, a motor reducer drive screw nut  and then drive striker plate, both ends can single-action or linkage, contact with the roller and striker plate is made of copper. One root screw two root polished rod.


    Emergency brake

    12.    emergency brake: rack mounts 4 sets and operation table mounts an emergency stop switch, when happening emergency stop, roller rotation less than 90 ° (no load and maximum speed) and roller open nip by high speed.









    Roller Specifications (mm)






    Thickness of rolled products(mm)






    Width rolled products (mm)






    Main motor power(KW)

    45KWx2; 55KWx2

    55KWx2; 75KWx2

    75KWx2; 90KWx2

    90KWx2; 110KWx2



     Installing & debugging service:

    1. After the contract is confirmed, the seller will supply the plan of the workshop, foundation chart and the    chart of rubber roller, square axes & all kinds of rollers. All operation manual will be supplied by seller,      too.

    2. The seller will send 3-4 technical workers to guide installation and debugging for buyer;

    3. The buyer should supply the spare pipes and electric wires, and the seller just advices the                         specification or the model of them.


    Other terms:

    1. Delivery period: totally 6 months after the contact is confirmed.

    2. Payment: 30% of the total amount by T/T in advance as down payment, 70% of total amount by T/T         before shipment.

    3. Spare parts: The seller will provide a set of valueless vulnerable parts for free. The seller also                   suggests the buyer to buy a set of spare parts which meets one year’s use again. The seller will show       the list of spare parts to the buyer for his choose before delivery.

    4. Appearance and color: appearance and color of the machines are based on the seller’s standard. Of         course, we can also custom-made according to buyer’s request.

    5. Electric power: The quotation above is based on 380V/50Hz. There will be some additional fee and           extended producing time for custom-built electric power requirement.

    6. Warranty period:

        6-1. Machines: one year after successful debugging;

        6-2. Electrical components: 6 months after successful debugging.

    7. Debugging service and cost borne by Foreign:

        7-1. The seller will send three or four technical workers (or more as buyer’s request) to the place which             appointed by the buyer for the guidance of equipment installation and the debugging service;

        7-2. Both buyer and seller should bear their corresponding charge as below:

        7-2-1. The seller is in charge of the fee cost in China but except for the visa charge;

        7-2-2. The buyer is in charge of the fee cost in Foreign and the visa charge. This fee                                            includes but not limited to the followings:

        a. Round-trip ticket;

        b. Transportation, meals, accommodation and communication fee during business trip;

        c. Allowance (manpower fee) USD 80.00 for per person a day (days calculation: total days from the              day on the business trip to returning to China);

        d. Translator: The buyer should hire a translator for the seller's technical workers convenient field work         communication, and for completing the task successfully.  Otherwise the seller will send an                       additional translator. The buyer should be in charge of this cost (refer to a~d).


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